Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hardware Spy Keylogger

Whether you just want to spy on your kid's online activity or just find out what your no-good office mate is up to, this hardware keylogger  is the next best thing to actually sitting in front of your victim's computer and snooping on every possible evidence. Just be careful not to get caught when inserting this thing between the keyboard and computer since using this gadget may be illegal in some areas.
  • USB or PS/2 interface key-stroke loggers
  • Sits between your keyboard and your computer
  • Records keystrokes onto onboard memory
  • Potential uses:

    • Concerned parents
    • Monitoring suspicious activity in the workplace
    • Computer forensics
  • 2MB of storage
  • Works with most wired keyboards (wireless keyboards and laptop keyboards not supported)
  • Compatible with all PC Operating systems including Windows, and Linux
  • SRP : Aprox. $60-$75